What was here previously was a bunch of wank designed to make me sound smart. It was ill-advised.

I enjoy writing evocative random tables and crafting hand-drawn maps. With occasional commentary. I prefer the weird and uncanny in my gaming, strangenesses that fight the everpresent tropes of fantasy roleplaying. I like PCs, NPCs, and monsters that act like the intelligence stat they have. I like to maintain my suspension of disbelief and don’t care for cheap gags.

I maintain special little ugly places in my heart for the gonzo DIY feel of LotFP, the eternal Nineties of oWoD and Cyberpunk 2020, a saccharine fondness for Krynn, and the high-desert judgment-passing of Dogs in the Vineyard.

I can be reached at hellahexi at the gmail.

One thought on “about

  1. Thank you for this blog. Compared to some others out there, you haven’t posted many articles yet, but what I’ve read so far is *really* good, as in, detailed, well written, and quite carefully thought-through. Long live “simulationist narrativism”!

    Your random “encounters” tables are also very inspiring, and could easily be transposed to any heroic or science-fantasy setting. I really like their tone and content. High quality stuff there. Keep those coming.

    I look forwards to more from you in 2016.


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